6 App Ideas to Uplift Mental & Physical Health during COVID-19 Times

6 App Ideas to Uplift Mental & Physical Health during COVID-19 Times

In 2020, people were expecting new technologies, discoveries, inventions, perhaps new modes of lifestyle, and so much more. Unfortunately, what we got was not remotely as close to what we expected. We’re surrounded by a lethal virus endangering the life of anyone coming in contact, without the person having mere knowledge of its presence, limiting lives and job to homes only. Scary, isn’t it?
However, many people have found their ways around the coronavirus and learned to live with it. For many people, businesses are unaffected, even flourishing, but for a majority of people, businesses seem to be in severe loss. Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of app ideas, not just to assist app developers but also for the welfare of people in COVID-19 times.

Mental health apps

The unpleasant reports of coronavirus cases multiplying rapidly along with the tragic news of loss of lives heard by a person while being confined within four walls of a house makes it ten times more likely to take a toll on their mental health. In these cases, the number of people with unstable mental health is most likely to shoot up. Such people often resort to their mobile phones to divert their minds or in search of meaning and hope. Thus, an app where mentally unstable people or just people suffering from anxiety or other mental health issues can ease their minds would sound like a treat. It could also potentially be one of the top downloaded apps in these COVID-19 times.

Fitness apps

A considerable amount of people are fitness enthusiasts and are disheartened to hear that they cannot step foot in the gym again. At least until the coronavirus situation is under control, perhaps this is the reason why home workout exercises seem to be trending on YouTube. Even people who have never paid attention to their body nor worried about staying fit are coming up with diet plans. Hence, inclusive and effective fitness apps would really offer something useful for fitness freaks or anyone looking to maintain their body since they have a lot more time on their hands now. Although some gyms are still operating with rotating shifts, one can never be too sure. If people are getting the benefit of maintaining a good physique safely at home, there is no reason for them to go to gyms. Developing customized gym apps for their members staying at home will significantly help in limiting contact with people and also benefit both fitness and app development industry. It seems like a win-win situation.

Video communication apps

As contact between people comes to a halt, due to the contagious coronavirus, the demand for video communication apps rises. Visual conferences, online meetings, online classes are the new normal. Such meetings require fast working apps that can be easily accessed by everyone. These apps not only help in the professional world but also assist in uniting distant family members or friends. An increase in downloads of video communication apps was seen ever since people started quarantining themselves at home as the coronavirus cases popped up. Hence people are evidently seen spending a lot of time on video calling apps nowadays, and the demand for useful, efficient, and lightweight video communication apps also seems to be on the rise.

Grocery delivery apps

Before the coronavirus existed, going to grocery stores to shop for essentials was a part of just anyone’s ordinary routine.  No one ever imagined that going out for an errand as simple as a grocery run would endanger their life. Now that grocery stores seem to be one of the top places to carry coronaviruses, people are looking at possible grocery delivery services to reduce exposure.

There are many co-existing grocery delivery apps at the moment, but people are always experimenting with new ones having reasonable rates, smoother transactions, and faster deliveries. Grocery delivery apps can potentially be lifesaving apps during these COVID-19 times.

Streaming apps

If there is one thing that people love the most and would never survive without, it is entertainment.  People are always looking for new things to watch and stream, trying their best not to get bored while being confined within four walls of their homes. In addition to that, people are most likely to pay for a good streaming app than any other app, especially during COVID-19 times.

As of now, there’s a minimal amount of decent streaming apps having top rated movies and TV series, which makes the need for an efficient streaming app even more important. The co-existing streaming apps that do not require any monetary price are crammed with pop up- ads, which the viewer finds very annoying. Therefore a fast and inexpensive streaming app would become very popular amongst users in a short span of time.

Healthcare apps

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of not being able to go out during COVID-19 times is people having to miss their mandatory monthly/weekly health checkups. This is more misfortunate for people having extreme health issues, older people having joint pains, dental patients having appointments, and the list goes on.

Telemedicine apps can be the future of medical assistance for those who may not be able to access it in COVID-19 times. A visual appointment may be made on the app, limiting the exposure of the patient to the coronavirus and possible endangerment of life. The creation of telemedicine apps may be the biggest gift to humankind. Judging by the current statistics, hospitals seem to be one of the top places to have the highest spread chances, so we can say that such apps will undoubtedly contribute to controlling the number of new coronavirus cases.

As for the app developers, there is no doubt they would benefit significantly from a user-friendly app that helps people carry out their vital checkups through their mobiles.

Healthcare professionals are doing their utmost best to limit the crisis faced due to coronavirus. It is also vital for us to do everything we can to ensure our full support to them and fight this together.

This article contains a list of app ideas that app developers can use not just to improve there but other people’s lives as well in these COVID-19 times

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