5 reasons why you need an eCommerce app

There is no limit when it comes to eCommerce businesses as people now prefer shopping online rather than taking out time to walk through malls and spending hours skimming through racks at stores. The internet has made it possible for businesses to reach customers, anywhere, at any time and from any device.

It is no secret that mobile phones have taken over our lives. A recent study shows that 96% of adults in the US own a mobile phone and 81% of the population owns a smartphone. Have a look around yourself and you will be able to see how everyone is glued to their phones at all times.

Being a business owner, you need to recognize the fact that a mobile phone user can be a potential customer and your eCommerce sales can boost by targeting this audience. Your eCommerce store will not be able to reach its full potential with only a website, and an app can uplift your sales by almost 60%. Here are 5 major reasons why you need to have an eCommerce app.

Consumers prefer using mobile applications

Convenience is something everyone is looking for in today’s time. Why would someone go through the hassle of turning their laptop on and visiting your website to shop for jeans, when they can use their mobile phone for that reason? People prefer browsing through stuff on the go and having a mobile application for your eCommerce store will let your customers order from anywhere and at any time.

Gain a competitive advantage

When you do not own a mobile application, you are at a loss because your potential customer is not always available or logged in on the website. Jumping onto the mobile app bandwagon before your competitors do, would be beneficial for you as it would give you an advantage over your competitor who does not own a mobile app.

Create a personalized shopping experience

When a customer signs up for email or creates an account on your eCommerce application, they give you access to their browsing and purchase history which assist you in making personalized recommendations to that customer.

Increase in customer loyalty

Implementing a loyalty program increases the frequency at which a customer purchases from your store, and having an eCommerce mobile application will make it easier for your customers to participate in the loyalty program.

Offers an enhanced customer service

People tend to spend more time and money on stores offering good customer service. An eCommerce app lets your customers get in touch with you easily, and the one-to-one communication helps in developing a better relationship with customers. A simple ‘call now’ button or a live chat option will enhance your customer service, and the ability to track orders will definitely make your buyers come back for more.

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